Why you'll find we're the best:

Accuracy: The others only use a single sensor, at the front of your engine - so they don't even know when they're transferring the vibration to the back of the engine!
We ALWAYS sense at both ends of the engine to get the most accurate results.

Latest Equipment: Used by Rolls Royce, Allison, Honeywell and others.

Best reporting: We always include a full printed spectrum analysis, with every peak properly identified.

Fault Diagnosis: We help find and diagnose other causes of vibration too.**

Convenience: We often travel to you or to an airport nearby at no additional charge.

Best pricing: $259 (single engine), or $199 for experimentals.
The others charge you more, do a 1-accelerometer 'balance' job, so they can't even analyze
the results. YET they charge the same or more. Never pay more than $100 for a single-plane balancing!!!

** Prop imbalance is only one cause of vibration but we often find and correct others, such as bad mounts, frame contact etc. Nobody else even comes close to our class of dynamic balancing.

Read about our vibration technician - a seriously qualified guy with a great reputation




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